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Assemble your own forms and document wizards online made easy with our document assembly engine.

What is Forms

Forms is a web-based app used to generate documents using a pre-defined templates in a wizard a-like step-by-step form. Imagine that you have two similar documents with few minor differences, with Forms you can keep only one document as template and generate desired output anytime you want. The result from filling up the form can be obtained as PDF, DOC and DOCX (more formats coming soon) or emailed to preset email addresses.

How to create Forms

In order to create your own Form you can use our builtin form builder UI service or by uploading already created template which is consist of two files: docx and xml with equal names. For example: my_form.docx and my_form.xml

How to create Form from Forms builder UI service

To create a form using our builtin Forms builder please navigate to this link and follow next steps:

Create form section

  1. In the top input enter form name.
  2. Click on pen icon to edit section tag. This tag is used in the .docx document in the place where you need to enter a user answer.
  3. If this section is required for filling check required checkbox.
  4. Enter section title.
  5. Enter section description if needed.
  6. Enter a question. Also you can leave this field empty.
  7. Select one of the supported section types from the dropdown list.

    Paragraph Short answer Date Dropdown Multiple choice Radio

  8. If you have several sections on the same step you can change theirs order by using Move Up and Move Down buttons.
  9. To delete step you cab use Remove button.

Manipulate form steps

  1. To add a new step please click on Add step button. This button is placed on the right side panel.
  2. To remove step click on Remove button.
  3. To navigate between form’s steps you can use Back and Next buttons placed on the bottom of the Forms builder UI.
  4. The Preview button will show you your form as it will look like.

Configure form settings

  1. To customize form settings click on Edit settings button. Here you can configure next:

    Allow / disallow downloading. Set download format. Enable / disable email results. Set email address where to send results. Set file format in which results will be attached to the email.

Add form document

  1. To add a document please click on Go to Editor button.
  2. Here you can upload existed .docx document or create a new one.
  3. Put section tags from a right side panel to the document content where you need to put their data.
  4. Click on save button to save the form.

How to create form manually

DOCX template

DOCX template is your main template which holds static data/text along with dynamic data/variables.

  1. Open existing or create new DOCX file;
  2. Now type any TAG (a.k.a. ID) where you want to submit dynamic data.

    TAG must be unique in order to work correctly
    TAG Example: <<[myTag]>>

XML template

XML template structure is simple and divided by sections inside root element form. Each section represents form/wizard step.

  1. Create new XML file;
  2. Add root element <form></form>;
  3. Inside <form> add <step></step>;
  4. Now we can add <section></section>. Each step can have as many sections as you like.
  5. Each <section> must have:
    • type
    • id
    • title
    • description
    • question Where id = tag name from DOCX file.

See following XML example:

			<title>My title</title>
			<question>My question?</question>
			<description>Input description, question, etc</description>
			<title>Another title</title>
			<question>My another question?</question>
			<description>textarea description, question, etc</description>
			<title>One more title</title>
			<description>dropdown description, question, etc</description>
			<question>One more question?</question>

This example has 2 steps, where first step has 2 questions with text input and text area and second step has one question with dropdown menu.

Supported question types

  • input (text input field)
  • textarea (text area)
  • dropdown (dropdown)
  • checkbox (checkbox)
  • radio (radio button)
  • date (date picker)

Advanced settings

With advanced option you can specify required or optional questions, allow/disallow downloads and sent resulted documents to provided email addresses.

  • To set any question as required just add <required>true</required> parameter to <section></section> property. Setting to false means that question is optional. By default it is set as true - required.
  • Allowing/disallowing downloads and sending resulted documents can be achieved by added <settings> property inside root element <form>, in the same way as you did for <section>. Example:
				<downloadAs>PDF, DOCX</downloadAs>

Assemble template

Now that you have both DOCX and XML templates it is time to assemble your form. In order to assemble your final template, just zip both files into single zip.

Create forms online without registration

  1. Go to Online Document Assembly page.
  2. Click on Upload icon and upload a zip package.
  3. After upload is complete, click on the Assembly button.
  4. To share your form click on the button. Share form link will be copied to your clipboard.
  5. If download resulted document is enabled you can select one of the three available formats from dropdown and download it.

Create forms online as registered user

Registered users can assemble template(s) right from dashboard.

  1. Login to your account or register if you do not own one yet. It’s FREE!
  2. Go to your dashboard.
  3. Go to My Forms section.
  4. Click on the Upload button and upload a zip package.
  5. Wait until uploading and processing is complete, then click on icon and select Assembly.
  6. Complete form by going through all steps.
  7. Click on the Finish button to generate document with parameters you inserted during wizard steps.
  8. If download resulted document is enabled you can select one of the three available formats from dropdown and download it.

Responsive design

View your documents on any mobile or desktop devices from anywhere! provides a responsive layout.

Cross-browser support

All major browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge are supported out of the box.

Supported formats

Currently our free online document assembly supports only DOC and DOCX templates. But we are working on adding new formats.