Documents Metadata Editor

High quality free document metadata editor online.
Add, remove and edit metadata in PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX and over 60 document formats with our free and advance metadata editor. We offer following free apps for editing document’s metadata: PDF metadata editor, DOCX metadata editor, XLSX metadata editor, PPTX metadata editor and many more.

How to edit documents metadata online

To edit documents metadata registration is not required.
Online metadata editor is 100% FREE for both guest and registered users. However, by registering an account you can benefit from advanced options and all premium features for free that are available only to registered users.

Edit documents metadata online without registration

  1. Go to Online Document Editor page.
  2. Use our user-friendly wizard or scroll page down to the bottom to see all available formats.
  3. Select desired format from dropdown.
    For example Edit DOCX, Edit XLSX, Edit PPTX, Edit PDF, etc.
  4. Click on Upload icon and upload a document.
  5. After upload is complete, click on Metadata button.

Edit documents metadata online as registered user

Registered users can edit metadata of any document(s) right from dashboard.

  1. Login to your account or register if you do not own one yet. It’s FREE!
  2. Go to your dashboard.
  3. Click on Upload button and upload a document.
  4. Wait until uploading and processing is complete, then click on icon and select Metadata.
  5. When you are done with your edits, click on icon to save updated metadata permanently.

Supported metadata editing features

  1. View document metadata
  2. Add new metadata property
  3. Edit existed metadata property
  4. Delete metadata property
  5. Save updated metadata
  6. View document
  7. More features coming soon

Responsive design

View your documents on any mobile or desktop devices from anywhere! provides a responsive layout.

Cross-browser support

All major browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge are supported out of the box.

Supported formats

Our free online metadata editor supports over 40 document formats. See Online Metadata Editor page for more information and a full list of all supported formats.